11 Lessons learned from a failed Social Media campaign

Lessons learned from a failed social media campaign

On failure – When best laid plans fall short I’ve recently had the distinct misfortune of working on a social media campaign that failed. As a social media marketer by trade, at first I took the failure of this project very personally. No-one wants to fail, especially not at something in which you are a professional. […]

A quick update on the new Facebook Pixel

What is a Facebook Pixel? The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you install on your website. This piece of code helps you to track actions taken on your website by your Facebook audience and gathers information from your website visitors enabling you to build a list of website visitors for remarketing (Facebook […]

Facebook or YouTube video? Which one is right for my business?

South African Users and Growth Rate 2014

Facebook has made an aggressive push into the world of video distribution in the last few months, making some wonder where they should place their videos for the maximum effect.   How can you choose between Facebook or YouTube video? YouTube’s obvious benefit is that it provides a permanent and easy sharable link to your video. […]

Marketing done right: Due South’s Promoted Posts

Due South Facebook advertising

Facebook’s recent changes in their algorithm has resulted in a organic reach plummeting to 10% of their previous levels for October 2013 (Read: Facebook Zero and what to do about it). Signs are that Facebook will continue tightening the screws in order to extract more ad revenue from brands through the use of promoted posts and […]

The Oscar Pistorius Trial – Everyone’s milking it

Howzit MSN milking the Oscar Trial for traffic on SKype

While the Oscar Pistorius Trial has the world’s attention, companies and brands are not shy to cash in. Many are resorting to newsjacking tactics in a bid to drive traffic, followers or desperately grab a piece of the share-of-voice pie. I personally found this this piece of work by Howzit MSN within Skype rather in […]