Keywords: The quick and easy SEO Cheatsheet


I’ve been doing a lot of web copywriting and rewriting lately on projects with tight deadlines. This led me to do some research on the optimal use of keywords for SEO. 6 Steps to Keywords Success Make sure your primary keyword is displayed prominently in the following areas of your webpage or blogpost:  The Title […]

Facebook and Twitter in Arab countries

Mashable’s Zoe Fox has posted these very interesting (and large) infographics on Facebook and Twitter usage in Arab countries. They were created by Khaled ElAhmad using is a cool online application that allows you to make beautiful infographics – great for the Adobe impaired. Some more Social Media Infographics: China’s Social media Revolutiuon […]

Good Advice on Calls to Action

Crafting solid Calls to Action is essential for the success of your online marketing. The best way to prompt your readers to take action is by including Subjects and Verbs at the start of your Call to Action. Hubspot’s Dan Zarrella shares his insight and research in the ‘Science of Social Media‘ webinar, available on […]