The Oscar Pistorius Trial – Everyone’s milking it

Howzit MSN milking the Oscar Trial for traffic on SKype

While the Oscar Pistorius Trial has the world’s attention, companies and brands are not shy to cash in. Many are resorting to newsjacking tactics in a bid to drive traffic, followers or desperately grab a piece of the share-of-voice pie. I personally found this this piece of work by Howzit MSN within Skype rather in […]

Marketing done right: Tsonga Email Newsletter

Tsonga email newsletter

Everyday we flick on our phones, open up our laptops or power up our machines and we are assaulted by digital marketing: Emails, banner ads, pop up ads, promoted posts, tweets, updates, ‘native advertising’ (advertorials dolled up and prostituted as real content)…the torrent goes on and no-one is closing the tap on this flood. With […]

The convergence of marketing and communications

Incite has published a new report that delves into how marketing and communications functions are converging for businesses. Those of us in the Social Media trenches know that having transparent and clear lines of communication between social media and customer service or sales departments can mean the difference between ‘Delight’ and ‘Epic Fail’ when dealing […]