Copywriter VS Art Director

There are a lot of similarities between the worlds of online web content creation and traditional advertising. In many ways you are the in-house advertising agency for you company, crafting copy, images and video to promote the business.


These awesome visual representations of the traditional Copywriter/Art Director creative team/creative rivals illustrates the differences that make both sides of the coin tick. In a digital world this traditional creative team often now includes a whole range of new members including UX/UI designers, Social Media Managers and even game designers.


I find that reading and learning beyond the narrow focus of your vocation has great value and I often draw on the experience and knowledge of Technical writers and the Advertising industry for inspiration.


Recommended Reading on Copywriting:


What do you think? Do you agree with me? Does the web content creator and the advertising agency have some traits in common? What books do you recommend for online copywriters? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

*Copywriters VS Art Directors is a Facebook page dedicated to the eternal dispute between Copywriters and Art Directors. The best of these visual representations have been collected on one page by Shockblast.

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