Facebook’s recent changes in their algorithm has resulted in a organic reach plummeting to 10% of their previous levels for October 2013 (Read: Facebook Zero and what to do about it). Signs are that Facebook will continue tightening the screws in order to extract more ad revenue from brands through the use of promoted posts and like ads.

The best way to move forward in this paradigm is to select your best content that serves a business goal and promote those posts using Facebook Promoted Posts. Due South has done this with their new competition.

Due South Facebook advertising


Getting the most out of Promoted Posts

The big difference between their campaign and other Promoted Post campaigns? They only promote these posts at night, when they know people are at home and browsing Facebook from the comfort of their couch while watching True Detective.

No more money wasted on promoted posts during the day when their ideal audience is stuck at work or out climbing a mountain.

With Facebook’s restriction on organic reach forcing advertisers to shell out extra cash on promoted posts,  we’ll need to think strategically and be smart about how and when we spend our budgets in order to reach the KPI’s set for each campaign. Precision targeting and planning will become essential. Maybe now social media practitioners of all sizes will finally adopt sound persona based methodologies to inform their strategies.

My recommendations for getting the most out of your promoted posts budget:

Say what you will about Facebook (The Advertising Company) continuously changing the rules on their platform, but as professional marketers we should embrace these changes as it’s making it harder to shoot from the hip and hit the target. Perhaps now the days of competing against the client’s 15 year old niece for the social media contract is finally over.

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