Facebook has made an aggressive push into the world of video distribution in the last few months, making some wonder where they should place their videos for the maximum effect.


South African Users and Growth  Rate 2014
South African Users and Growth Rate 2014
How can you choose between Facebook or YouTube video? YouTube’s obvious benefit is that it provides a permanent and easy sharable link to your video. Facebook on the other hand gives in-the-stream immediacy to your message.
The simple answer? Both. Regardless of what the video length is, if it’s the only video you’ve got you might as well spread it as far and wide as possible.

Take it to the next level

A more advanced tactic would be to take whatever existing content you have and chop it up into smaller bite sized pieces for Facebook. You can refresh that old video by either remixing the footage or giving a new voice over to old bits or both.
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Want somebody else to do it? I can help

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