11 Lessons learned from a failed Social Media campaign

Lessons learned from a failed social media campaign

On failure – When best laid plans fall short I’ve recently had the distinct misfortune of working on a social media campaign that failed. As a social media marketer by trade, at first I took the failure of this project very personally. No-one wants to fail, especially not at something in which you are a professional. […]

Facebook or YouTube video? Which one is right for my business?

South African Users and Growth Rate 2014

Facebook has made an aggressive push into the world of video distribution in the last few months, making some wonder where they should place their videos for the maximum effect.   How can you choose between Facebook or YouTube video? YouTube’s obvious benefit is that it provides a permanent and easy sharable link to your video. […]

Marketing done right: Tsonga Email Newsletter

Tsonga email newsletter

Everyday we flick on our phones, open up our laptops or power up our machines and we are assaulted by digital marketing: Emails, banner ads, pop up ads, promoted posts, tweets, updates, ‘native advertising’ (advertorials dolled up and prostituted as real content)…the torrent goes on and no-one is closing the tap on this flood. With […]

What makes a Retweetable Tweet?

As more and more companies are engaging in social media and producing content the pressure is on for agencies and Social Media practitioners to up their game and create content that is genuinely ‘shareable’ Dan Zarrella (Hubspot’s resident Social Media Scientists – don’t you just love that title?) has recently published his latest research report […]

Keywords: The quick and easy SEO Cheatsheet


I’ve been doing a lot of web copywriting and rewriting lately on projects with tight deadlines. This led me to do some research on the optimal use of keywords for SEO. 6 Steps to Keywords Success Make sure your primary keyword is displayed prominently in the following areas of your webpage or blogpost:  The Title […]