Small businesses need help with social media

Most Small businesses need some help to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Social Media Marketing, as research conducted by Constant Contact shows. Here are some objectives commonly identified by small businesses: Build your brand by getting people to recognize your name and associate it with your product. Attract new customers by driving traffic to your social media […]

The convergence of marketing and communications

Incite has published a new report that delves into how marketing and communications functions are converging for businesses. Those of us in the Social Media trenches know that having transparent and clear lines of communication between social media and customer service or sales departments can mean the difference between ‘Delight’ and ‘Epic Fail’ when dealing […]

What do Comics and Web Design have in common?

Rachel Nabors regularly writes for UX booth. In her blog Series ‘Comics and UX’ she draws some interesting parallels between creating comics and creating wireframes for websites. More on the relationship between Comics and Web Design: Comics and UX, Part 1: Cross-disciplinary techniques Comics and UX, Part 2: Flow and Content Telling your website’s story with […]